That’s How I Roll

Sushi Sen is a weekly ritual for most locals in Squamish. Their sushi is amazing. My friends and I at all times are looking for any excuse to go there. Rolls are made too order and they consistently recommend the best tasting sashimi. The staff is extremely friendly and there is always a thank-you called from the kitchen as you make your way out the door. The wait time can be anywhere between 20-40 minutes after 6 o’clock – it’s definitely worth the wait.


Gomae – Spinach with Sesame Sauce. The Side of Crunchy Green Beans are My Favourite.

ImageSeafood Sashimi Salad – Bed of Greens with Assorted Seafood, Drizzled with Japanese Mayo, Ginger Dressing and Topped with Crunchy Deep Fried Won Ton Wrappers

ImageTuna Tataki Roll – Real crab, Avocado, Cucumber Roll Topped with Thinly Seared Tuna, Ginger Aioli and Green Onion. (not on menu but can always be requested)

ImageLeft to Right – Seared Red Tuna with Chili Garlic Sauce, Cherry Sea Bream and Seared Yellow Jack with Wasabi Aioli.


Mochi Ice Cream – Pounded Sticky Rice Cake with Green Tea and Vanilla Filling

Sushi Sen on Urbanspoon

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