New York City

Last Month I decided to take a “just because” trip to New York with my cousin Megan. Our holiday consisted of martinis at our hotel the historic Waldorf Astoria, long days of shopping and eating at some pretty amazing restaurants. Since my cousin is mainly vegan, famous New York steakhouses were far from our list of must-have dining experiences.

One of the restaurants we visited was Pure Food and Wine located in Gramercy Park. The raw-vegan menu is fresh, creative  and oh-so-delicious. There were no words to describe how amazing and rich the food we were experiencing was – literally we couldn’t talk- it was THAT good. The dishes are entirely plant-based, with nothing heated above 118 degrees, which preserves vitamins, minerals and all that good stuff. Raw vegan may frighten most of us carnivores out there, but the natural taste of unprocessed food is so refreshing, this alone will make you consider (even for a second) not eating meat again.


Plate of Assorted Cultured Dr. Cow’s Tree Nut Cheeses & Rosemary Crisps


Zucchini Tomato Lasagna
Basil Pistachio Pesto, Sun Dried Tomato Marinara, Macadamia Pumpkin Seed Ricotta


Hens of the Woods Taco al Pastor
Smoked Guacamole, Hearts of Palm, Fresh Corn, Guajillo Crema Fresca, Pickled Onions


Dark Chocolate & Almond Brownie
Chocolate Cacao Chip Ice Cream, Raspberry Reduction, Maple Candied Almonds


Apple Ginger Crisp
Sweet Ginger Ice Cream, Buckwheat Streusel

Pure Food and Wine on Urbanspoon

Photo Credit: Megan Saxton

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